HIND began out of a love for craftsmanship, clothing that is versatile and can be used in different settings and weathers, and the many fashion labels working out of India that we felt not only embodied these loves, but also deserved to be shared with the world.

Since opening our e-doors, HIND has grown beyond its home base of Kuwait, delivering to customers around the world and expanding its label offering to curated partners everywhere that use natural materials, hand-work and craftsmanship, and even to open up to categories beyond clothing.

HIND continues to curate seasonal collections with a focus on Indian brands, but don't be surprised to find labels and brands popping up as we grow that have come from beyond the sub-continent's borders. 

To reach out to us and stay up-to-date with new selections and products you can find us on Instagram @hind.clothing, or on Facebook @hindclothingofficial, or e-mail us at info@hindclothing.com